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Ending each episode with a cliffhanger, Prison Break is the kind of TV series that keeps you on the boil. Created by Paul Scheuring, the show revolves around two brothers, Lincoln Burrows has been sentenced to death for a crime he didnít commit and Michael Scofield conceives an elaborate plan to help his brother escape prison. A brilliant structural engineer, Michael hides the prisonís blueprints in a spectacular tattoo, commits armed robbery and gains access to Fox River.

Prison Break

Once incarcerated, he begins to implement his plan. Lincoln is very shocked to see him there and very skeptical concerning his brotherís plot, mostly because, apart from tattoos, Michaelís crazy attempt depends on something unpredictable and unreliable: people. They need the help of a group of people... one very carefully chosen long time before the beginning of this entire madness.

The relationships created between the characters are quite fascinating and sometimes totally unexpected. You wind up taking a shine to a negative character, clenching your teeth when a shocking twist surprises you or witnessing stolen kisses for a key. As the series progresses, the relationship between the brothers becomes stronger than ever. With an amazing will and intelligence, Michael manages to pass through walls, climb roofs, go through disused sewages, fall in love and, eventually, head with his brother and another six people for a relative freedom. After the escape, they each pursue their individual goals... at least for a while. Soon, the quest for a large cache of money buried long ago by another prisoner reunites several of the fugitives. While the brothers try to bring down The Company, an organization responsible for framing Lincoln, things take an unexpected turn and Michael ends up arrested by the Panamanian authorities and imprisoned at the PenitenciarŪa Federal de Sona.

It turns out that he was sent there with a purpose... The Company wants Scofield to break James Whistler out of Sona. Slowly but surely, the situation becomes more and more complicated, to the end involving information on an advanced renewable power cell. Launch out and enjoy an extreme venture! No regrets will show up afterwards...

Episodes List

Season 1

Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot
Season 1 Episode 2 Allen
Season 1 Episode 3 Cell Test
Season 1 Episode 4 Cute Poison
Season 1 Episode 5 English, Fitz Or Percy
Season 1 Episode 6 Riots, Drills And The Devil (part 1)
Season 1 Episode 7 Riots, Drills And The Devil (part 2)
Season 1 Episode 8 The Old Head
Season 1 Episode 9 Tweener
Season 1 Episode 10 Sleight Of Hand
Season 1 Episode 11 And Then There Were 7
Season 1 Episode 12 Odd Man Out
Season 1 Episode 13 End Of The Tunnel
Season 1 Episode 14 The Rat
Season 1 Episode 15 By The Skin And The Teeth
Season 1 Episode 16 Brother's Keeper
Season 1 Episode 17 J-cat
Season 1 Episode 18 Bluff
Season 1 Episode 19 The Key
Season 1 Episode 20 Tonight
Season 1 Episode 21 Go
Season 1 Episode 22 Flight
Season 1 Episode 23

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

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